Garden Room
By Divergent Concepts

A garden room is a separate, self-contained building located in the garden of a home. The benefits of having a garden room include:

Increased living space: A garden room can provide additional square footage to a home, which can be used for a variety of purposes.

Increased property value: Garden rooms are seen as a desirable feature by many home buyers, so adding one to your property can make it more attractive to potential buyers.

Increased functionality: A garden room can be used as a space to work from home, a gym, a yoga studio or a guest room.

Benefits Of
Garden Rooms

A garden room is architecturally stunning, brimming with luxury and finished with beautiful, natural materials. With such a diverse array of uses, it’s no wonder garden rooms are becoming increasingly popular for families who want an extra-special extension.

Here are some of the key highlights included within our garden room design and installation service:

Delivered & Installed

Our garden rooms are typically built on site with all materials delivered from day one.

Foundations Included

Our bespoke mini pile foundation is included with each and every garden room build.

Fully Insulated

For use all year round; our garden room are insulated with the very latest materials.

Double Glazed

Best in class Aluminium and UPVC double glazing for all year round energy efficiency.

Planning Permission

Our garden rooms are built within permitted development rights so planning permission isn’t generally required.

Low To No Maintenance

We balance your aesthetic preferences with low maintenance materials maximising your garden room experience.

Why Choose A Garden Room From Divergent?

The team here at Divergent Concepts has a great portfolio of contemporary and stylish garden rooms, designed and built to your exact requirements.

Our garden rooms are expertly hand-crafted and built to your size and styling specifications. A garden room by divergent is built to such a high standard it can be used all year round, empowering you to enjoy your space throughout the winter.

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Let's Start Your Project

Here at Divergent Concepts we offer an easy process to plan, design and build unique spaces, that will transform your vision into something extraordinary. Our garden rooms are designed to your exact specifications and are versatile enough to cover multiple uses, all year round.

Night time Exterior of a bespoke garden room by Divergent Concepts


Let's Make Your Garden Room A Reality


Let's Make Your Garden Room A Reality


Let's Make Your Garden Room A Reality