Garden Room Office

Work Or Play, Either Way.

With working from home becoming more prevalent it’s a good time to consider making the most of your available space.

Pre-Construction Renders


Contemporary Garden Room / Home Office

What We Did

Timber Construction, Interior & Exterior Design, Bespoke Furnishings, Smart Ambient Lighting System.


In contrast to one of our previous projects this concept took inspiration from bohemian design whereby we focused on keeping everything as light as possible with the inclusion of earth tones and contrasting blacks. Measuring at 5m x 3m (15 sq m) this is a large space offering flexibility in terms of use.

With 30% of the construction being glass it adds to a feeling of openness and luxury.

Recessed lighting strips are seemingly becoming our signature which also feature on this build. We made use of recessed lighting strips to frame the wood slatted feature wall to provide a warm, modern interior.

Whilst the space was designed to be an office, an area to relax and unwind was also paramount which is why the build features a sizeable seating area perfect for those lunch time breaks or quiet evenings.

Lighting for every mood, all controllable via Alexa, Google or smartphones.

Not only do the integrated lighting strips create modern ambience they actually provide enough illumination for the space in most scenarios. They really come into their own in the evening where you can leave the down lights off and just relax in their warmth.

Night time Exterior of a bespoke garden room by Divergent Concepts

Breaking through the monotony of painted walls, our feature walls provide division, texture and ambience.

It’s sometimes the simplest things that create the best aesthetics. In this case we created a slatted feature wall which gradually changes in shade dependant on where you stand due to the angle and lighting. Importantly it helps break up the space and create division between the lounge and kitchenette area.

Interior of a lunxury garden living room with TV mounted on the wall and ambient lighting


Let's Make Your Garden Room A Reality


Let's Make Your Garden Room A Reality


Let's Make Your Garden Room A Reality