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Portable Retail Space

Location, location, location; it’s one of the most important considerations when it comes to retail, that is unless you can move it of course.

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Expanding, ‘pull-out’, portable retail space.

What We Did

Container Architecture, Interior & Exterior Design, Unique Engineering.


Long gone are the days of static retail where companies are limited to choosing a permanent location. With the growing emergence of pop up retail there are a large number of circumstances where you might require a portable retail outlet or boutique to showcase and of course sell your products and service.

This isn’t to say that this container-come-shop can’t be used as a permanent retail outlet because it can however it can lifted onto the back of a truck and be relocated at a moments notice. These are absolutely perfect for any business that needs to follow its potential customer base around the country or simply wants an eye catching lot for your industry’s exhibitions.

This particular build is constructed from a single 20ft ISO shipping container. The internal floor space is effectively doubled up when you pull out the other half from within. The clothes racks can be simply unhooked and packed away as can the stock itself. The lighting is cleverly designed in a way that allows you to push back the extended section without damaging the lighting track and fittings too. Naturally we’ve included our signature recessed lighting strips without the floor throughout.

The slide out frame includes a sliding door however the shipping container’s side doors can also be utilised in addition. These pop up retail outlets come ready installed with a 240v mains inlet like you would a static home or caravan making this a truly plug and play retail space.

Modular fixings and fixtures that won’t get in your way.

Everything has been designed to ensure that this portable retail outlet is a self contained space. Clothing racks, shelving and everything else in between can be easily packed away, ready to move to the next location.

Interior of a portable clothes shop by Divergent Concepts

Thinking outside of the box, quite literally, with a pull out floor space allowing ultra portable flexibility.

Perfect for seasonal retail or events;  not only can the container be fully branded but this portable retail space can be set up for opening within a matter of a few hours all you need is power.

Portable Retail Clothing Store


Let's Make Your Garden Room A Reality


Let's Make Your Garden Room A Reality


Let's Make Your Garden Room A Reality