Modern Garden Studio & Home Office

Work Or Play, Either Way.

Summer Houses have always been popular whether that’s to create an exterior living space, a cinema room or a home office. This however, is next-level luxury.

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Ultra Modern Summer House / Cinema Room

What We Did

Container Architecture, Interior & Exterior Design, Bespoke Furnishings, Smart Ambient Lighting System.


With outdoor spaces such as summer houses and home offices gaining in popularity we wanted to offer something luxurious yet modular and flexible. Constructed from a single 20 ft shipping container the interior measures 5.7m x 2.2m and whilst that doesn’t seem like much you can see, with good planning how much use you can get out of such dimensions.

This project took inspiration from modern dark interior design whereby the interior mostly consist of dark pallets while utilising large windows and lots of ambient lighting to illuminate walls; creating a very warm ambience.

Typically lighting is something that is neglected in Garden Offices / Summer Houses and considering the fact that as Humans our well-being is directly related to lighting, it’s integral to each and every one of our builds. We made use of recessed lighting strips throughout, uniquely framing the feature wall to provide a warm, modern, architectural interior.

The space whilst designed to be a modern home office in the day was also designed to moonlight as a cinema room ad we feel as though we found the perfect balance. The couch, made to order is modular in nature and lined in an exclusive velvet fabric. The kitchen features a flat matte black finish with a sink and tap combination to match; pulling the modern architectural interior together.

Lighting for every mood, all controllable via Alexa, Google or smartphones.

Not only do the integrated lighting strips create modern ambience they actually provide enough illumination for the space in most scenarios. They really come into their own in the evening where you can leave the down lights off and just relax in their warmth.

Dining area looking into main living area with flat screen TV on wall within a luxury garden room

Breaking through the monotony of painted walls, our feature walls provide division, texture and ambience.

It’s sometimes the simplest things that create the best aesthetics. In this case we created a slatted feature wall which gradually changes in shade dependant on where you stand due to the angle and lighting. Importantly it helps break up the space and create division between the lounge and kitchenette area.

Luxury garden room interior showing main living seating area, a breakfast style bar area and a cooking area


Let's Make Your Garden Room A Reality


Let's Make Your Garden Room A Reality


Let's Make Your Garden Room A Reality